Leamington Food Festival 2014

Last weekend was my favourite of the year as it is the local food festival. 2 whole days of yummy gorgeousness and this year I was joined in my endeavours by some of the fabulous ladies from @sundaybakeclub (a twitter group for amateur bakers who each week compete for the coveted golden spoon on a different baking challenge theme). After a bit of ‘Is that X?’ trying to recognise people from avatars we all me up and had a wonder around the festival.

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Beer Review August 2014

Along with creating my blog this month I also joined Untappd a social network for beer lovers. In all honesty I joined just as a convenient way of logging beers I had tried rather than the social aspect, or at least that is what I tell myself as I have 0 friends on it.

UntappdI came across this site through some of the Beery people I follow on twitter and after a few teething problems (due to not having rebooted my tablet in months rather than the site itself) but I must mention the support from Untappd was fantastic! I wish the IT helpdesk at work was even half as efficient.

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Nutella Star Bread

It’s bread week on #GBBO so as part of my BakeAlong and @SBCtakeover challenge I was looking for a bread recipe that would stand out. Not easy when there are so many talented bakers around and so many things you can do with bread. I saw someone had made a Nutella version of @richardpburr’s pesto pinwheel. After a bit of searching I found a couple of recipes online and yes it is a showstopper but I’m cooking for 2 not 8! (Although I would happily eat it all my waistline would probably complain) My smaller loaf still has the wow effect and even netted me a BakeTalk Golden Mixer award!

Nutella Star Bread

Nutella Star Bread

Time 30 mins preparation, 90 mins proving, 12 mins bake

Makes 1 loaf (serves 4) Continue reading

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Lemon and Blackberry Pinwheels

I love biscuits, well eating them anyway! Making my own is definitely not one of my specialties but if I am ever going to get on GBBO (and pigs have of course flown) then master them I must. I baked these lemon and blackberry pinwheels as part of the GBBO and @sbctakeover BakeAlong challenge and they turned out really well. The other half definitely enjoyed them considering how many he snaffled! Even more importantly they impressed the resident baking queen at work. (Just for clarification I am not talking about myself here) Recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food – Lemon Kisses.

Lemon and Blackberry Pinwheels

Lemon and Blackberry Pinwheels

Time: Preparation 45 mins, Cooking 12 mins

Makes: 20 biscuits (or more if you slice thinner)

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Hello and welcome to beerandbaking.net

I am an amateur baker (emphasis on the amateur!) and sharing my adventures in the wonderful world of baked goods. Bread, cakes, tarts and pies and a few beer reviews as well. I am also experimenting with ways to make by beloved bakes at little bit healthier by reducing sugar and fat, but everything in moderation so there will be some absolute decadent recipes as well.

You can also follow me on twitter @beerandbaking

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Low Fat Pasties

Recipe based on Repentant Carnivores Low fat pastry and Hairy Bikers for the filling. This works really well for pasties as it creates a really thin but strong pastry due to the bread flour. Also reheats beautifully in a microwave so I normally make sure there are extra to take to work the following day.


Time: Preparation 1 hr, Cooking 35-40 Mins

Makes: 4 pasties Continue reading

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