Hello and welcome to beerandbaking.net. I’ve always had an interest in baking (particularly the end product!) stemming from helping my mother in the kitchen making butterfly cakes and the ever so technical cornflake cakes.

WillaimsSonomaI got back into baking due to 2 things really, an Italian baking recipe book one Christmas and also needing a hobby that didn’t involve me looking at a screen for hours on end. I work with computers all day and leisure time was often spent in front of the telly with my iPad in hand.

I started getting back into it with pastry and bread, and it wasn’t until I joined a twitter baking club that I realised that so many people feared these elements. Cake decoration has never been a particularly strong point as I’m far more concerned about the taste but starting to get better with a piping bag. I have been tweeting my bakes for over a year now and have the privilege of winning 2 @sundaybakeclub golden spoon awards (both bread: 8 strand plaited cross & panetone).


I live in a lovely town in the midlands and I’m very fortunate to have quality butchers, green grocers, delicatessens and bakeries still thriving in the centre unlike many other UK towns and cities. My husband is a full time author, part time plane fanatic. His books are available on kindle so please have a look. The more books you buy the more baking equipment I can get!

Jake Sheridan Mysteries

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